I enjoy teaching, interacting with students, educating and seeing them grow, from “know what they don’t know”, “don’t know what they know”, and “don’t know what they don’t know” to “now know all what they should know”, and continue to pursuit “to know even more”.

Students are often inspiring, creative, and full of energy. With proper encouragements, guidance, they can achieve their full potential and beyond. The success of students is the greatest and real accomplishment of teachers.

I have taught a variety of courses in the area of control, power, circuits, networking, neural networks, fuzzy logic.

Graduate Courses

Undergraduate Courses

  • ECE211: Electric Circuits
  • ECE 305: Electric Power Systems
  • ECE 410: Data and Computer Communications
  • ECE 435: Elements of Control
  • ECE 456: Mechatronics
  • ECE 470: Internetworking


  • IEEE Eastern North Carolina Section (ENCS) Outstanding Educator Awards
  • IEEE Region 3 Outstanding Educator Awards