My core technical focuses are on control, computational intelligence, with application areas on micro- and smart- grids, power distribution systems (fault management), battery modeling and management, mechatronics, robotics (unmanned vehicles), intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and motor diagnosis and control. Recently, I have been researching the use of big data, Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning technologies.

In the last ten years, our research interest has been focusing on analytics and distributed control for smart microgrid energy management, advanced battery management, and smart IoT mechatronics.

We have been developing complete engineering solution from basic research (theory), to applied research (simulation to hardware prototype), to technology transfer.

Our basic research has mainly been sponsored by National Science Foundation and faculty independent research; our applied research has been mainly supported by several research centers including FREEDM Center, CACC, EPRC, federal government such as DOE, CERL, and industrial projects supported by Duke Energy, Progress Energy, NCEMC, Total, Samsung, Huawei, Chen Tech, etc. We have also been doing technology transfer to several of the industrial companies.

We have extensive interactions and collaborations with academic colleagues and industrial colleagues to make the research endeavors meaningful and rewarding.

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